• Why Regular Bowel Motions are important

    In clinic I talk a lot about bowel motions. A lot! I know it seems icky and I have had some clients go bright red with embarrassment when I talk about it. But what our bowel motions do – or don’t do, and what they look like is a key clue as to what is going on with your digestive health. Going every day...
  • Why a detox might be beneficial for you.

    If you struggle with a bit of constipation, or experience bloating and ermmm flatulence, then you probably have a bit of a sluggish digestive system. Long term this can cause many other health issues that you might actually already be experiencing and perhaps haven’t even attributed to yourconstipation. Do you suffer from any of the following?  Headaches Joint pain  Weight gain  Acne Dry skin...
  • 10 important benefits of detoxing your body

    You may have heard of “detoxing your body.” But have you tried it for yourself? If you’ve been considering a detox but aren’t sure, learning about the many benefits of detoxing will help you make up your mind. Detox diets get rid of toxins in the body and develop the habits that will keep you on track for a healthier life. As you may...
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