Why a detox might be beneficial for you.


If you struggle with a bit of constipation, or experience bloating and ermmm flatulence, then you probably have a bit of a sluggish digestive system. Long term this can cause many other health issues that you might actually already be experiencing and perhaps haven’t even attributed to your

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  •  Headaches
  • Joint pain
  •  Weight gain
  •  Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Hormonal issues
  • Allergies

Then you probably would benefit from getting your bowel motions moving daily. And the Detox Me Daily powder is the perfect way to introduce a gentle bowel cleanse for these reasons.

Over the next few articles I hope to give you a better idea of why the Detox Me Daily powder might just work for you and the wonderful benefits of the ingredients chosen for this beautiful wee pouch of nutrients.

Let’s begin with psyllium husk. We have all heard of fibre right. But did you know that for many who eat a high processed diet, fibre intake is very low? Fibre is important for not just cleaning out the intestinal tract, but also good quality fibre helps to feed beneficial bacteria in the gut (and by doing this help to produce important vitamins).

Increasing fruit and vegetables in their whole form (i.e. not juiced) as well as minimally processed grains and beans helps to give us fibre.
So for those who already “oh yea I probably don’t eat enough of those foods?” then Detox Me Daily may be helpful to get things moving for you, helping you through that transition period while you work towards getting optimal nutrition and therefore fibre from food.So back to psyllium husk. This is a common fibre supplement made from the seeds of the Plantago
ovata, a herb mostly grown in India. (Marcus, 2013) Psyllium husk absorbs water which is why it helps to bulk up faecal size but also helps to keep it soft, helping to easily pass bowel motions. (Examine.Com, 2019) But for this reason, it is an absolute must to drink enough water to help with this. Aim for 2litres per day if you can.

Aside from helping with daily bowel motions, psyllium may also be beneficial for lowering cholesterol, and may also help with glycaemic control. If you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) you may also benefit from taking psyllium husk. (Kellen V. Lambeau, 2017)

When there is constipation and bloating, there is usually some kind of digestive tract irritation. Also known as leaky gut. This is especially common where there is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Leaky gut essentially refers to the walls of the intestinal tract, losing their integrity and therefore allowing antigens or toxins to enter the blood stream causing inflammation and immune reactions. (Camilleri,
2019) And for this I absolutely love l-glutamine, an amino acid which has a lot of research around its use for intestinal health. This is because the cells of the intestinal tract use glutamine as its preferred fuel source. (examine.com, 2019)

I have used l-glutamine in clinic for many years for anything to do with leaky gut, constipation or loose bowel motions with wonderful success. So I was very pleased to see this amino acid as part of the Detox Me Daily powder. As a Clinical Nutritionist I believe this is an absolute must to help get on
top of gut irritation but also help towards bringing down inflammation and generally help the healing process.

It is so wonderful to see a New Zealand (Christchurch!!!) Made supplement product which is gentle to use enough daily if you like. If you think you could benefit but are still not sure, make sure to drop Detox Me Daily a line with your questions.

Want to know more about the amazing nutrients used in Detox Me Daily? Stay tuned for more articles on why Detox Me Daily could be beneficial for you!

Claudia Oxford-Gonzalez is a Christchurch Nutritionist who believes in the power of food and
supplements for optimal health. Claudia is working with Detox Me Daily to help bring you up to date information on why a gentle daily cleanse may be beneficial for you.

Check out
www.nutriviva.co.nz for more information.

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